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Mr David O’Regan, the former Director of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers, presents this series of interviews exploring topics that are pertinent to surgical training and trainers. He looks beyond the field of surgery and interviews internationally recognised professionals in their own fields. He also features conversations with a select group of esteemed surgeons who are recognised for their impact on effective training  – both giving and receiving – has had on their career and their legacies. Role modelling, situation awareness and team playing are key to reading any training scenario and David will discuss with his guests how a variety of skills required across a huge range of industries can benefit discussions and offer best practice in Surgical Training.   

An Interview with Aimee Charnell - May 2022

An Interview with Niall Downey - February 2022

An Interview with Nancy Kline - November 2021

An Interview with Michael West - November 2021

An Interview with Sandra Jarvis-Selinger - November 2021

An Interview with Professor Harold Ellis - November 2021

An Interview with Michel Roux Jr - July 2021

An Interview with Sir Jackie Stewart, OBE - June 2021

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