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Welcome to the Faculty of Surgical Trainers!

The Faculty of Surgical Trainers (FST) is a Faculty that sits within The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, created to promote and enhance the role of the surgical trainer. We are the first of our kind in the UK and are here to support and develop surgeons in their role as surgical trainers. We want to increase the profile and recognition of surgical education and training and disseminate the message that excellent surgical training means excellent and safe patient care.

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• To support and nurture a diverse and inclusive community of surgical trainers

• To define, promote and uphold the highest standards of surgical training

• To ensure the recognition of excellence in surgical training



Excellence in surgical training is an achievable aspiration for all and membership of The Faculty of Surgical Trainers is universally recognised as a professional badge of honour. 


Pillars And Goals 





Latest FST News

4 June 2021

FST Executive Committee Board Vacancies

The Faculty of Surgical Trainers (FST) is inviting applications for two roles on its Executive Committee. Joining the Governing Committee of…


4 June 2021

FST Advisory Board Vacancies

The Faculty of Surgical Trainers (FST) is inviting nominations for up to six vacancies arising for elected representatives on the FST Adviso…


22 April 2021

Interview with Aimee Charnell – 2020 Recipient of the Joint FST & ASME Grant

Aimee Charnell is a general surgical trainee with a keen interest in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. She is currently…


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