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In joining the Faculty, you will become part of a prestigious network of professionals focused on promoting and enhancing the role of the surgical trainer.

Membership of the Faculty is open to everyone with an active interest or involvement in surgical training in the UK and internationally. Membership is available at three levels: Fellow, Member and Associate.

Membership Levels


Fellowship of the Faculty is our highest reward for individuals with a clear commitment to excellence, and a high level of commitment in the field of surgical education and training.

We would like to stress that successful Fellowship applicants have to demonstrate a very high level of commitment to and involvement in surgical education and training. You must be a fully trained surgeon to achieve Fellowship (i.e. Consultant or Associate Specialist/ Staff Grade doctor). We expect fellowship applicants to score highly in all three domains of teaching and training, educational leadership and educational scholarship.

Fellowship level applicants must also demonstrate activity significantly over and above the five areas needed for membership level application. For Fellowship level applications you must also provide two structured references confirming your commitment and participation in surgical training and education.

Example CVs of successful fellowship applications can be found here to give some guidance as to the level of commitment required of a successful Fellowship level application.

Fellowship example CV 1

Fellowship example CV 2

Fellows of the Faculty are entitled to use the post-nominals FFSTEd.

Find out more about the criteria applied to Member and Fellow applications.

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Membership of the Faculty is the level that we expect most dedicated surgical trainers will apply for. Membership signifies dedication, involvement and commitment to surgical training, and the award of the post-nominals MFSTEd will signpost this commitment.

To become a Member you must demonstrate a clear interest and participation in surgical training and education, and be either a fully trained surgeon or in a recognised surgical training post.

We will assess your interest and participation in surgical training based on the three domains of Teaching and Training Activity, Educational Leadership, and Scholarship and Research in Education.

Members of the Faculty are entitled to use the post-nominals MFSTEd.

Find out more about the criteria applied to Member and Fellow applications.

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Becoming an Associate of the Faculty demonstrates your active interest in surgical training. Surgical Associates must be at the level of ST3 and above; however Associate membership is also open to non-surgical clinicians and scientists.

All those applying for Associate Membership of the Faculty are asked to present a letter of support from an educational supervisor or comparable professional that illustrates the applicant’s interest in and commitment to the field of surgical training.

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