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Dr Kishore Mulpuri by Alex Arvold

Dr Kishore Mulpuri, Associate Professor, British Columbia Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, Canada by Alex Arvold

Dr Kishore Mulpuri was my fellowship director, educational supervisor and mentor during my fellowship. His way of teaching, as much as his fantastic patient manner, decision making and operating, is something that I continually try to emulate.


Dr Mulpuri demonstrated fantastic pastoral care of trainees in difficulty. I witnessed very careful discussions with a particular trainee, where lack of insight was unfortunately an underpinning problem. Constructive criticism took place, whilst the trainer maintained the trust of the trainee, thus opening up possibilities for future discussions.


Dr Mulpuri was key in creating a bond between the co-fellows. This was so important in each of our own development. We helped each other out and trained each other. A real sense of belonging and team was created, not just to the relevant firm to which one was attached at any one time, but as a fellows group together with our fellowship director.

Trainee Development

During my fellowship, he stressed the importance of teaching, in particular, that senior trainees should teach junior trainees. One learns more from teaching than from doing. As soon as I was competent at any procedure, it became my role to supervise juniors for that procedure for the rest of the fellowship year. Thus, the learning was enhanced for both the resident and myself.


On day one in post, I addressed this surgeon as Dr Mulpuri. He said, ‘Dr Mulpuri is my father, I’m Kishore’. From then we were on first name terms, as are the residents to him – whether day one out of medical school or at the end of their training. This creates an approachability and eases questioning. Surely a step towards safer practice? Whilst this is against the run of the hierarchy of the traditional NHS, this is how I now practice as a consultant in the UK. 

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