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Deputy Surgical Director Elections

(Two positions available)

Summary and criteria

The current Deputy Surgical Director of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers (FST), Mr Alexander Phillips, will come to the end of his initial three-year term of office on 30 November 2020. Mr Phillips is eligible for re-election annually for up to a further two years. In addition, there is an existing vacancy for a second Deputy Surgical Director of the FST.

Nominations are therefore invited for the election of up to two Deputy Surgical Directors of the FST. The successful candidates will take up their positions either from the next FST AGM on 16 October 2020 or from 1 December 2020. Regardless of start date, each candidate’s initial term of office shall expire upon the date of the relevant Faculty AGM in the year on which their term is due to end. A full job description is provided alongside this notice.  Nominees must be:

Potential nominees should also consider carefully the following matters:

Term of Office

The successful candidate(s) shall serve as Deputy Surgical Director for a three-year term and shall thereafter be eligible for re-election annually for up to a further two years.

Election Process

Individuals matching the criteria above and wishing to seek nomination for the role of Deputy Surgical Director must submit the following documentation, by no later than Friday, 28 August 2020, to

  1. A signed nomination form along with details of a proposer and seconder who must both be Members or Fellows of FST in good standing;
  2. A supporting statement of up to 500 words, detailing how the nominee will contribute to the FST as Deputy Surgical Director;
  3. A signed note of support from your main employer.

Please note than any nominations submitted beyond the stipulated closing date shall be declared null and void.

In the event that there are more than two valid nominees, an election will be held and all nominees will be informed.

Where the number of valid nominees is equal to the number of vacancies, the nominees will be declared to have been duly elected. 

Please note that, should an election be required, an online ballot will be administered, on behalf of the Faculty, by Civica Election Services (CES).




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