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Annual Conference 2020

Communication, Communication, Communication

16 October 2020, 14:00 - 16:30
RCSEd, Nicholson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DW


This is a global online event relevant to all who work in health care, with a focus on the role of the surgical team in delivering care. Everyone is invited to register for this free online event. This is a first for the RCSEd and we are grateful to Chapman & Co for providing their expertise in running interactive online events, to support the delivery of the FST conference. The participants will be encouraged to use a smartphone or another second screen to actively participate and answer questions.

The themes of this year's conference will be listening, communication, respect, trust, accountability, growth conversations, curiosity, emotional intelligence, and the trainee – the next generation.

The conference panel is formed by diverse group of experts with a range of skills in healthcare, surgery, education, business, leadership, coaching, training, human factors, and situational awareness.  They have experience working with high performance teams, global industries, firefighters, aircrews, and fighter pilots in theatres of operation, cockpits, and on oil rigs. 

All have worked in high performance teams and understand the critical importance of listening and communication.

The conference is headlined by the global leader, Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry -Wehmiller and co-author of the bestselling book; ‘Everybody Matters – the extraordinary power of caring for your people like family’.  His message is changing the way people think and is building a #betterworld through #trulyhumanleadership and solutions that believe #EverybodyMatters.  He is in high demand on the TED circuit, cited as the mentor to Simon Sinek and by the President Bush Foundation.

This event will be delivered on Zoom – questions can be submitted, and the use of the chat room is encouraged. Registered participants will get a copy of the webinar recording, slides, questions and answers, chat room, Menti results and a Spotify playlist.

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